Can I take a booking request off of SpacetoCo?

Our 3 Strike Policy when using SpacetoCo purely for exposure and redirecting Guest's inquiries off of the platform.

What happens if I've received an inquiry or booking request for my space but would prefer to action the booking outside of the platform?

We request that all communications, bookings and payment that begin in SpacetoCo, remain in SpacetoCo. 

If a Host is found to be taking bookings outside of the platform, then a 3 Strike policy will apply. On Strike 3, SpacetoCo will pause all your space(s) on the site and they will no longer be seen on the marketplace. 

At SpacetoCo we want to work collaboratively with our Hosts to make sure their and their Guest's experience is the best possible. That's why we'll always reach out first before we pause your spaces to see how we can help get your account working for you in the best way possible. 

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