Can I list free spaces?

Hosts can list spaces for free that are hirable at no charge.

You sure can list free spaces!

In fact, we love it when we see hosts list free spaces. It drives our purpose and is behind the very reason we started SpacetoCo in the first place - to promote sustainability through sharing and help build community 🤩

What spaces might be free?

Busking corners, stallholder spaces, Not-for-profit hire, fundraiser events, certain outdoor public spaces, internal booking use within an organisation, etc...

Methods for offering a space for free?

  • Set a space to $0 (read more here)
  • Set a space to $0, with Instant Book turned on (read more here)
  • Set a particular customer type to $0 (i.e. Commercial, Community, Government, Not-for-Profit - available for Verified Hosts only)
  • Override a price down to $0 (available for Regular Bookings only)
  • Apply a discount code to any booking, bringing it down to $0 (read more here)

Free spaces are 100% free for hosts and come with absolutely no service fees or commission (read more here)