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What is the SpacetoCo Commission?

What it costs to use SpacetoCo

SpacetoCo's business model is a simple 15% commission** on any successful booking that goes ahead. That's it!

There is no annual signup fee, monthly Software as a Service (SaaS) fee, or other subscription fees.

In addition to this, it is free to list as many spaces as you would like. How good is that?

Note: there is absolutely no catch to listing and booking free spaces. These are forever-free transactions with absolutely zero commission 🤯 If you're wondering why then be sure to check out our About page to learn more about our mission and purpose.

The current Schedule of Fees*  

SpacetoCo Charges the following to facilitate the transactions on the platform

(current as of September 2018):

Listing a Space Free (no cap)
Host 15%** of the cost per completed booking
Guest  0% if the cost per completed booking

*Applies to Australia and New Zealand Bookings

**Please enquire with the SpacetoCo Staff if you wish to become a "Verified Host" (ie local government/council, community center, school, or a church) as charges may vary depending on the additional reporting services required.