Getting paid as a Host

Once I've confirmed a booking, when and how do I get paid?

We've made it really easy for Hosts to be paid for each confirmed booking. We payout on all bookings, around 3 days after the booking is complete. 

For example, if the booking was on a Saturday, we'll process your Host payout on the following Tuesday. 

We collect the funds from the Guest upfront for all casual bookings, meaning you can focus on the event and ensuring your Guest has a great time, and we'll make sure you get paid.

We've allowed 3 days just in case something changes with the booking. Maybe the Guest overstayed? Or maybe they needed an additional item or charge. By simply editing the booking, any changes made (increase or decrease in value) will be reflected in your Host payout.  

We'll also notify you by email when we've paid out the funds at that 3-day mark. Once paid out, it should clear within a couple of days into your bank account (depending on your bank). 

If you're a Verified Host and receive Manual payouts on a monthly basis as part of PartnerPro, you can ignore everything above👆

For information on how casual booking payments work, see

For information on how to update/add your bank account as a Host, see