How do I update my payment method?

Changing your payment method for casual or regular bookings

We've created a single location where you can update all of your payment details used on SpacetoCo. This includes payment information for both Casual and Regular bookings. 

Simply head to, or under the left Menu, locate 'Account Settings --> Payment Methods'. 

Verified Guests & Applications

If you have multiple applications, you can manage each Application individually. To learn more about how payments work for Verified Applications, click here

You can choose between Stripe (Credit and Debit Card), and GoCardless (Direct Debit) for each individual application.  

Casual Bookings

Your credit card details entered at the checkout are stored here. You can add a new card for future bookings. 

Note: If you would like a payment method removed, please contact SpacetoCo support. If you have a future booking, at least one payment method must be saved for any potential SpaceProtect claims.