How can I make a new Casual booking?

SpacetoCo allows you to book space by the hour. It is also possible to book a space multiple times over a number of days. Here's the process explained in 10 easy steps.

  1. Find the space you would like to book by running a search from Be sure to read the description, rules, additional items & charges, and understand the overall suitability of the space for your needs. 
  2. The booking area is to the right of the page and is always floating on-screen.
    1. Start by seeing when the space is available, either by clicking 'Booking Date' or the 'Availability' button beside it. 
      1. If you click 'Booking Date', you will see available dates on the calendar with a green circle underneath them; once clicking a date, you will also see times the space is available in green under 'Available Times'.

        Booking Date
        Booking date 2
      1. If you click the 'Availability' button, you will be directed to the Availability Calendar where you can see when and what times the space is available. The grey rectangles show when the space is unable to be booked.

    1. When you have an available date and time, click 'Select a date' to choose the day you require
    1. Fill the start and end time. When you click on the 'Start time' any times that are not available will be times greyed-out with a strike-through line.  The green dots indicate time slots that are available for you to book.
    2. If you want to book more than one day at once, then click the '+ Add another booking' symbol to book additional days/times.
  1. Click the Yellow 'Book now' button when you've entered your timings.
  2. You have now commenced the Checkout process to book your space.
    1. Select any Extra Items or charges where relevant. Then click the yellow 'Continue' button.
    2. Answer any Additional Questions the Host has set if relevant
    3. State how many people will attend
    4. State the purpose of your booking
    5. Click the yellow button 'Continue to payment'
  3. Check all your details are up-to-date and correct.
  4. Add your credit card details. If you have booked with us before, our payment gateway will remember you (for more information on casual booking payments, click here)
  5. Accept the Terms & Conditions of SpacetoCo, and if available, the Space Terms & Conditions.
  6. If applicable, enter your Coupon Code if one has been supplied. This is on the right-hand side of the screen. Be sure to click the yellow 'Apply' button once entered. The price will immediately adjust.
  7. Click the yellow 'Complete payment' button. You should hear from your Space Host shortly (we give them email reminders to respond).
  8. If the Host accepts your booking, we fully capture your payment. If the Host declines your booking, or simply does not respond within 6 days, Stripe automatically releases the hold on the funds.