How do I send a Message on SpacetoCo?

How to message using SpacetoCo

SpacetoCo messages are direct communication between yourself as the Guest, and any Space Owner on the SpacetoCo platform (Hosts). All messages are captured and delivered to the recipient by email, so you never miss a response. 

Initiating a conversation with a Space Host

To send a message to a Host, click the yellow "Message" button in the Host profile section on any space page. 

On a desktop, this is located towards the top of the page.


On mobile, you simply find the same Message button a little further down under the Booking area.

Continuing a conversation with a Space Host or Guest

Existing Messages are accessed via your Dashboard, or through this link:

You shouldn't have any difficulty using SpacetoCo messages. It should be familiar and easy to use. Example: 


Scenarios where you would use SpacetoCo messages:

  • Anytime a Guest needs to advise their Host about a booking change. For example, "We now have 25 people instead of 20 people coming. Is this ok?"
  • Asking questions about a Space that is not covered in the description, rules, and photos.
  • Checking if something is ok prior to the booking. For example, "I forgot to ask this, but do you have a hot water urn or do we need to bring our own?"

Generally speaking, SpacetoCo messages help us to understand the interaction between Guests and Hosts in the event of any disputes or misunderstandings after a booking has occurred. We always prompt the recipient (by email) that they have a message, so you should feel confident that your SpacetoCo message will be read.