FAQs for Regular Customers

Frequently asked questions for customers who are managing their regular bookings through SpacetoCo

This article is for customers who have been invited by their Local Government or Community centre to become a Regular Customer and manage their regular bookings online through SpacetoCo.

What does Regular Customer mean?

This means you have applied and been approved to have regular bookings with your particular facility, centre or venue. Payment for Regular Customers is handled monthly in a post-pay arrangement (you pay for what you used). To become a Regular Customer with a particular centre you need to be invited and signup via a landing page unique to that council or community centre.

What is a Regular Booking?

This is where you have an event that happens regularly e.g. Monthly, Weekly or multiple dates over a period of time. You need to lock these dates and times in for the future, but you pay for these after the event has happened. These bookings are entered in the system by your Host and you can view them online at app.spacetoco.com/dashboard/guest/bookings

What is a Casual Booking?

This is where you have one or a few bookings that you book and pay for upfront using your EFTPOS, Debit or Credit Card. You book these on spacetoco.com by going to your centre's page, checking the availability and paying online. The booking will be approved or declined by the centre.

How are payments managed for Regular Bookings?

When you register as a Regular Customer, you can select to pay by either Direct Debit or to have a debit or credit card charged. Read more on how this works here.

What if I don't have an organisational bank account that allows Direct Debit or a payment card?

Please read this article. If you still have questions, contact SpacetoCo or your centre to talk about how we can handle this

How do I decide what email address to use for my Regular Customer's Account?

Your organisation will use one login to view their bookings. You should choose an email address where you're happy to receive notifications about these bookings.

What if I have multiple people who make regular bookings?

Decide on a single common email address and password that can be shared between each user or alternatively we can also arrange for multiple users to have their own logins to access the one regular customers account should you require activity tracking. Click here for more information.

How do I get my regular bookings in the system?

Your bookings will be entered into the system by your Host on your behalf. You will be notified by email when bookings are entered. 

What if I have a special rate for my bookings?

Your Host will take this into consideration when approving your application, and entering your bookings. 

Can I make Casual and Regular Bookings?

Yes - for casual bookings - you use your login on SpacetoCo.com and request to book upfront and pay online.