What happens if there is a failed payment for a Verified Guest?

How SpacetoCo handles problematic payments for regular customers and their bookings

IMPORTANT: To understand how SpacetoCo handles Verified Guest payments, please read this article 

It happens....customers will not always have their finances in check, and they may miss a payment. We give them plenty of warning, but just in case it does fail, we've put in a series of emails to ensure everyone is notified. 

Failed payment email triggers

  1. 1st Failed Payment
    The Guest and Host are notified that a failed payment has occurred and that SpacetoCo will automatically retry in 3 days. 
  2. 2nd Failed Payment
    The Guest and Host are given a final warning that we will automatically retry in 2 days. 
  3. 3rd Failed Payment
    If an unsuccessful 3rd attempt is made, no further automated attempts are made, and the matter is passed to SpacetoCo Customer Support for manual handling. 

    All failed payments emails are also sent to the Host as a notification. This allows Hosts to be informed of their users who may be experiencing payment issues. 

    If SpacetoCo is unable to resolve the issue it will ultimately be handed to the Host to follow their manual collection processes.