The Trust Report

Learn a little more about your Guest before accepting their booking

We've introduced the Trust Report - a handy little tool available when accepting bookings. 

This includes information to help you make informed decisions when it comes to accepting a booking and choosing to enable SpaceProtect prior to the booking taking place. 

Information we share includes:

Card Type
Know up front if the Guest has used a credit or debit card. Handy for determining the pathway you'd like to take for SpaceProtect.

Expiry Date
To help check if the Guests card expires before/after the booking date.

Stripe Risk Level
We use the powerful network of Stripe Radar to pass through an assessment of the customer's risk level. At Stripe Radar’s core is an adaptive machine learning system that evaluates each payment’s risk level in real-time. It uses hundreds of signals about each payment, and taps into data across their network of millions of businesses, to predict whether a payment is likely to be fraudulent.

First Joined
See when the customer first joined SpacetoCo.

No. Approved Bookings
See how many bookings this Guest has had with you as the Host. 

In addition to this, you can always access the Guest Profile. Learn more about that here.