How does SpacetoCo work with Council Records management requirements?

Local governments are required to maintain records as part of good governance

Each state and territory will have its own guidelines for record keeping, but essentially, records need to be stored for a period of time and retrieved as needed. SpacetoCo adheres to record keeping requirements in the following ways:

  • Email Copies - every key action on SpacetoCo is logged through your local government email. These emails essentially leave a record of actions taken on SpacetoCo and will be backed up as part of your normal procedures for email storage. Email records form part of any organisations Records Management System.
  • Data Storage - In addition to the above, SpacetoCo securely retains records of all data for a minimum of seven years to ensure continuity of service and support.
  • Data Export - SpacetoCo allows you to download the most essential records (bookings) at any time. These are downloaded in simple CSV format. More on that here.
  • Monthly Summaries - SpacetoCo sends a monthly summary as part of the account reconciliation process. These records can then be stored on internal systems for access by relevant team members. More on that here.

For a detailed explanation of SpacetoCo's IT compliance including backups, data storage and redundancy methods, please get in touch with your SpacetoCo representative or email