Booking permissions for Verified Guests

Give your guests the ability to manage bookings all on their own.

As a Verified Host, you can give your Verified Guests the ability to fully manage their bookings all on their own. At a minimum, Verified Guests can:

  • View their upcoming & past bookings
  • Cancel their upcoming bookings (as long as it falls outside of your space cancellation period)

However, you can take this a step further and give your Verified Guests the ability to create their own bookings. 

This is managed via 'Booking Permissions' under each Guests application here:

This allows you can control the following:

  • Which spaces they can create bookings under as a Verified Guest
  • If they can self-approve their own bookings based on availability (removing the need for you to approve each time)
  • If they have any 'Happy Neighbours' where bump in/out can be ignored. 

See an example below where a customer has access to book 3 spaces, with instant book approval, and is happy neighbours with two other organisations:

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 10.25.26 am

If none of these options are selected, the Verified Guest simply won't be able to create their own bookings.