Viewing upcoming bookings across all of my spaces

As a Host, how do I view all of my Guests bookings in one location?

To view all of the bookings created in your Spaces, simply head to or visit 'Bookings' in the menu.

View and Filter (Table, Calendar & Graph Mode)

Using the filters and views below, you can find which booking you need fast:

Type Casual (for Guests who book and pay upfront)
Regular (visible Verified Hosts only)
Manual (created through
Status Approved
Declined (includes any expired bookings)
SpaceProtect Protected (Casual bookings that have had SpaceProtect applied)
Bookings with


Min Cost - Max Cost

Minimum or maximum booking value

Super search
  • Guests
  • Verified Guests
  • Manual Bookings
  • Item/Charges
  • Discount Codes
  • Tags
Spaces A list of all your spaces


The Date Picker

The date picker combines an easy way to navigate to the month you need while providing a summary value of how many bookings are in each month (according to the filters you've applied). 

The Booking Table

If there are more than 30 bookings in a month, we group them for you automatically so help with loading speeds in your browser, and allow you to quickly find the date you need. We also summarise the QTY of bookings for each day. 

If it's under 30 bookings, then we just show them in a simple table mode. 

Viewing a Booking

To view any booking, simply click anywhere on the booking to reveal the booking editor