Secure Transactions with SpacetoCo

How SpacetoCo uses secure payment methods to ensure your safety.

Payment security is a major priority for SpacetoCo and our customers. We spent considerable time researching the available payment gateways that facilitate online transactions. Our decision to choose Stripe and GoCardless was based on their PCI-compliant payment processes, reputation, and responsiveness.

There are two types of bookings made on the SpacetoCo platform:

  • Casual booking (pay upfront for ad-hoc hirers)
  • Regular booking (post-pay for regular customers)

Unless you are a Regular Customer with one of our partner organisations (such as a local government council or a community organisation) you will typically be booking as a Casual customer (pay upfront). This is to ensure that the Host can accept your booking request with certainty that they will receive their payment.   

Casual Bookings

(Stripe credit/debit card payments only)

When you make a casual booking, you enter your personal details into the SpacetoCo platform, but your payment details are sent directly to Stripe's secure servers. SpacetoCo only retains a token that represents a confirmed payment. That means all sensitive payment data is stored in an industry best-practice gateway. 

So, in order to do the work that they do, Stripe has a number of security protocols including PCI compliance and more. They can all be found here: SpacetoCo has been deemed PCI compliant in both Australia and New Zealand by assessment. 

Regular Bookings

(Stripe credit/debit card payments AND GoCardless direct deposit payments)

If you are a Regular Customer as a part of a partner organisation, you have the choice of making Direct Debit payments or using a credit card for your automatic monthly payments. If you use your credit card, it will be through Stripe. If you choose Direct Debit, it will be through GoCardless, another international industry superstar. You can find all of their security details here:

IMPORTANT: If you have any concerns about payments please reach out to the SpacetoCo Team using the chat on the bottom right corner of any SpacetoCo webpage.