Signing up as a Verified Guest

How to sign up as a Regular Customer and what to expect in the process

If you are a Regular Customer with a Local Government or Community Centre, you may have been invited to sign up as a Regular Customer (SpacetoCo refers to you as a Verified Guest). Signing up is an exercise that you only need to do once 🙂 Once you have completed the application your Space Host will 'approve' your application provided all details are accurate. 

Note: It is possible to sign up as a Verified Guest to multiple SpacetoCo Hosts through SpacetoCo.

What to expect and what you'll need:

You will need to provide the information related to your bookings including payment method (direct debit or credit card), documentation such as insurance, and the contact details for your organisation.

Note: Bookings are not entered until the application is approved first.

Step 1:

Visit the URL/link provided to you by your booking manager or officer. For example 

A common mistake is that some regular users will head to and sign in there. Doing this won't allow you to be enrolled as a Verified Guest.

Step 2:

Click on the link or enter the link provided to you by your booking manager or officer. 

If you've never signed up to SpacetoCo before, please click on the link that states "Don't have an account?"

Step 3:

Complete all the fields indicated below and click Sign Up.

Check your email account and click on the yellow button to Verify your email address.

Step 4:

Complete all parts of the application form as indicated below. When choosing your payment method for your bookings, if you choose Direct Debit (through GoCardless) you will be taken to another window to set-up this process. You can read more on signing up for GoCardless here.


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.08.53 pm

Make sure you complete the process by submitting the application form. You do this by clicking 'Submit Application'.

If the button at Step 10 isn't yellow you must have missed one of the steps.

If you have any concerns about payments please reach out to the SpacetoCo Team using the chat on the bottom right corner of any SpacetoCo webpage.