Refunds, Pre-authorisation Holds and Reversals

When a refund, preauthorisation hold and/or reversal is actioned on your account depending on if the booking was declined, expired or cancelled will determine on how the refund is processed.

My booking has expired or declined yet I still have a charge on my bank statement!

When a booking request is placed on SpacetoCo, we place a preauthorisation hold on your card.
The charge is formalised when a booking is approved but in your case, the booking was declined/expired which automatically releases this hold (makes refunds super quick!).

As it was just a preauthorisation hold, it’ll simply disappear off of your bank statement as if it never happened in a few days.
This does mean you won’t see a credit note from us but you should also not see a charge around the time you placed the booking request.

If you do find that there is still a charge on your bank statement by the end of month date labelled "SPACETOCO VENUE HIRE" please take a screenshot and send this too and we will investigate this further for you.

I have cancelled my booking and am now waiting for my refund!

When a booking has been cancelled or adjusted after the original payment has been made a refund will be processed onto the same card in which the payment was processed. 

The refund can take up to 5-10 business days to for the funds to settle, should you not see your refund by the 10th business please reach out to us at

This way we can investigate this further for you and provide you with your Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) should you need to discuss your refund further with your bank issuer. 

If your original payment method has been cancelled please follow Refunds to cancelled cards