Refunds to cancelled cards

You've cancelled a booking, but your refund is issued to a cancelled or closed card account

When you cancel a casual booking on SpacetoCo and receive a refund as part of this, Stripe (our payment gateway) will automatically send the funds back to your card account and email you a receipt after 72hrs (3 days).

If the cancellation does not work or you don't receive your refund receipt from Stripe 72hrs (3 days) after you cancel your booking, please contact us

If the cancellation proceeds but the card you originally booked with is no longer in use, what happens then? Here are the most common scenarios and what to expect:

I have a new card with the same bank:

Usually, the bank will push the credit over to the new account. This may take a little extra time (expect days or weeks), but if you still have an account with that bank, the funds should eventually be returned to you. Please note that SpacetoCo has no visibility on the timeframe of your refund. Please contact your bank for this information. 

I have a new card but I have switched to a different provider:

Your bank (for your original card) will likely issue you a refund by cheque within 30 days. Alternatively, if your bank rejects the refund on the canceled card, the money will return to SpacetoCo's Stripe account and we will be notified.  

Refunds associated with a canceled card can be quite a manual process for banks to resolve, so they will likely ask for any evidence of the refund transaction. Everything you need will be on your SpacetoCo receipt which looks similar to this 👇🏻