Example content for listing a space

Helpful copy and instructions that Hosts can use when listing a space

When listing your space there are several sections you need to work through. Once completed you'll need to complete the step of adding Bank Details so you can 'go live' and be paid for bookings. It can take anywhere from 15-30 mins to list a space. If you're doing this type of thing for the first time, set aside up to an hour.

Let's start this party!

The initial nine sections you'll need to complete are:

  1. Name of the space
  2. Address of the space
  3. Number of people in the space (attendees)
  4. Type of bookings
  5. Amenities
  6. Open and close times
  7. Hourly price
  8. Photos
  9. Description

Everything is pretty straight forward and easily explained up to here, but there are follow-up sections where you can further information about your space. There are support articles that explain these sections here under 'Listing a Space'.

If you are listing a business or organisation, then you may wish to add your ABN details and/or have the Business Name as the display name. You can manage that here: https://app.spacetoco.com/dashboard/account

Sections where some example wording will save you time:

Space Rules:

  • Please ensure that you leave the space as tidy as it was when you arrive (cleaning charges may apply).
  • Strictly no smoking
  • We do not accept booking requests for hens or bucks parties 
  • No anti-social behaviour 

Additional Booking Questions for Guests (up to 8 allowed):

  • Are you booking on behalf of a company/ organisation?
  • Is your group a not-for-profit or community group?
  • Will food be served or consumed on site?
  • Will food/alcohol be sold or included in a door charge?
  • Will alcohol be consumed on site?
  • Is your event open to the public?

Access Instructions:

Many thanks for booking our space! Your booking has been approved.
When arriving, please note that... (complete)
Parking is... (complete)
Disability access is... (complete)

For more information contact __________ on __________ or __________. 

Have a great event! Best wishes, __________

Items & Charges:

Basically, you can add on additional equipment, services or surcharges related to the hire of your space. Some of the more common Additional Items for hire we see are: Commercial Hirer Fee (community spaces) or Wedding Hire Fee (due to wedding complexity).

Your Terms & Conditions:

We are occasionally asked for a template of how to write T&C's. This will vary from space to space based on activity type. For example, T&C's for an event space will be different from those for a tennis court. So we recommend you look for examples online for inspiration. There is some great content and a Sample Hire Agreement Template available here. In essence, terms of conditions allow you to go into more detail surrounding your rules and expectations. 

It is not compulsory to have a T&C's PDF for your SpacetoCo listing.

Need any extra help?

You can always reach out to one of our helpful SpacetoCo team members via our chat service in the bottom right corner of our site 😎