Completing my SpacetoCo Profile

How much of my contact info do I need to fill in?

When you first sign up to SpacetoCo via email, you are asked for a basic amount of information (First Name, Last Name, Email and Password). Once you're in your SpacetoCo Dashboard, you can enter additional information such as:
  • Avatar (highly recommended - your initials will be there by default)
  • Display Name (the name your profile will show instead of your first/last name)
  • Your Bio (a brief summary about you)
  • Your Address (for receipt purposes)
  • Phone number (To enable SpacetoCo or Hosts to call you if support is needed)

To make edits and changes to your account, please head to:

In addition to this, if your account represents an organisation, you can update these details here:

Keep in mind that Hosts can view your SpacetoCo profile, so the more information you share, the more likely you are to have booking requests accepted.

Click here to check in on SpacetoCo's Privacy Policy.