Booking Questions

Adding questions to your space during the checkout experience

As a venue manager, it may be important to ask questions of your guest as part of the booking experience. These questions can help shape how you may respond to a booking enquiry, either allowing the booking to be immediately approved or prompting a further discussion/phone call. 

Booking Questions allows for easy question management across all spaces in one location. 

Primary Questions

Note: These are available for both Casual & Partner Hosts

These are first-level questions and are set as a 'Yes/No' type. They come with the following functionality:

  • Question Title
  • Yes Response (only shown to the Guest if answering 'Yes')
  • No Response (only shown to the Guest if answering 'No')

Up to 8 Primary Questions per space can be added to the checkout experience. 

By default, all questions are set to 'No' for the guest at checkout. This can be changed on a per-space level, which forces the user to answer either yes or no to all questions. 

Secondary Questions

Note: These are available to Partner Hosts only

Secondary Questions sit beneath Primary Questions and only appear if the customer selects 'Yes' on the Primary Question. 

They come in the following types:

  • Yes/No
  • Text Input (a text field will be shown for the guest to write an answer)
  • Number Input (a number field will be shown for the guest to write an answer)
  • Dropdown (allows up to 5 options for the guest to choose from)
    • Hidden number values can also be assigned to each dropdown to allow for data analysis throughout SpacetoCo in exports & graphs

Up to 3 Secondary Questions can be added to a Primary Question, allowing for a total of 32 questions per space. 

Each Secondary Question can also be set to 'Required' which ensures the guest must answer the question before submitting their booking.