Where do we set our Space Rules including Terms & Conditions?

Hosts can set clear and simple rules for their space as well as attach a PDF of more detailed Terms and Conditions

Space rules are displayed on your public space page. They are also included in booking notification emails sent to the Guest. Rules should not be considered as a replacement for your own Terms & Conditions, but rather the key highlights/rules for a Space that you want Guests to read.

T&C's and COVID-19 Safety Plans can be set individually per space or bulk-updated for more than one space, with 1 PDF allowed. They are visible in the following locations:

  • On the space page

  • On the final stage of the checkout, alongside SpacetoCo’s Terms & Conditions, and are agreed to by guest as they submit a booking. 

To set your space rules, visit the 'Description & Rules' section when managing your space. 

To set your Terms & Conditions or COVID-19 Safety Plans, visit the 'Nitty Gritty' section when managing your space. 

To edit your space rules, Terms & Conditions and/or COVID-19 Safety Plans, visit the space page, click 'Bulk edit', select the space(s) you would like to edit and select the field you want to update. For more information on how this works, watch the video below: