What are my Space 'Basics'?

The essential things about your space including; Space title, number of attendees, address & description.

When you first list your space, we ask you to provide the essential details of your space. You can return to these details at any time and adjust as needed. 

The Basics of your Space(s) is important. The Title and Description information, in particular, are what will come up in search engine results like Google. We know many people find spaces on SpacetoCo as a result of a Google search.

The better your details, the better chance you have of getting bookings.

To manage your spaces at any time, head to https://app.spacetoco.com/dashboard/host/spaces

Space Title
This is the most important part of the 'Basics'. Write something that you would enter into a Google search. The title should be informative yet succinct. Providing the locality and key activities is a good idea.
  • ✔️  Good title: Amazing dance studio with sprung-flooring in central Perth
  • ❌  Not so good: Space number one

The number of attendees
Be sure to list the range as it helps potential guests find you on SpacetoCo search.

If you would prefer to have your address hidden (recommended), click the checkbox that states, 'Only show suburb on your space page'

Here you want to provide a good run-down of the features of your space. Ask yourself what you would want to know. Go into detail about the amenities - if your space has chairs and they are amazing, you should say so and describe the chairs. People always want to know if the space will suit their needs. Be generous with your descriptions. Ideas and sentence starters:
  • Our space is perfect for...
  • People who use our space love...
  • We recently upgraded...
  • The furniture is...
  • Parking is...
  • We are walking distance to...

When you're done with your edits, be sure to click the yellow 'Update Space' button.