The Guest is early, late or a no-show

Early Guest

If a Guest is early, they may need to wait to access the Space. We ask that all guests respect the environment of the Space and be mindful not to interrupt or disrupt any previous activity that is occurring in the Space. It is up to the discretion of the Host whether they allow a Guest early access.

Late Guest

If a Guest is late to use the Space, the Host may choose to allow the Guest extra time after the end of the booking or only give them access for the remainder of the scheduled time. This is up to the discretion of each individual Host. If a Guest is late due to a reason outside of their control, then it is reasonable to expect the Guest to have communicated this clearly to the Space Host. Clear communication always wins when it comes to running behind schedule. 

Guests should be mindful that many spaces are booked out multiple times during the day. When one person is late at the beginning of the day, it has a knock-on effect and disrupts bookings occurring later in the day. 


Based on the cancellation policy set by the Host, all charges will apply as normal.