SpacetoCo Environmental Policy

As a result of operating as an online business, SpacetoCo makes a strong commitment to ensuring that the environment is essential in all areas of the business.

SpacetoCo supports the following commitments to reduce our impact on the environment and to
adopt practices that use resources sustainably.

Resource Management

Office waste, building waste and resource recovery are a priority. This is promoted by not having a
dedicated SpacetoCo head office, but by utilising technology to facilitate a more flexible working
environment that includes venues or spaces listed on the website, and working from home. 


As an organisation, we support the use of sustainable vehicles whenever practical and possible for
founders and employees. SpacetoCo supports the use of public transport by subsidising this cost
for team members over that of paid parking options. Public transport supports the minimisation of
greenhouse gas emissions and ozone-depleting substances.

Partnerships and Providers

Whenever possible, SpacetoCo will consider the environmental policies of strategic partners
when determining sub-contractors, suppliers and other providers of products and services.

Sustainable Practice

As a matter of purpose, SpacetoCo exists to utilise existing resources for the betterment of
community activity and engagement. We firmly believe that sustainable use of physical resources
such as those listed on the website contributes to reducing building waste, energy efficiency and
encourages resource recovery.


Our Environment Policy reinforces our commitment and precautionary approach to
environmental sustainability. It also demonstrates our understanding that our actions are
important to our customers and our people, as well as our business outcomes.