SpacetoCo and declaring tax

What are my tax obligations with income earned through SpacetoCo as a Host?

Hosts should always seek financial advice from a registered accountant when seeking answers to financial questions. Everyone's finances are unique and the information below is a guide. Note that the Australian Tax office includes useful guidelines on income earned through sharing economy activities. In New Zealand there are guidelines on your obligations for income earned from your property and whether you need to register for GST 

A Host is always responsible for declaring their earnings to the tax office. 
A Host is also responsible for declaring any accrued Goods and Services Tax (GST) where they are registered for GST and/or if earnings are over the GST threshold. 

If a Host is registered for GST on their SpacetoCo account, then SpacetoCo shows this in their receipts to the Host and Guest. To indicate your business is registered for GST, please visit

If you have registered for GST through SpacetoCo, then all pricing on your space pages are shown as inc GST.