SpaceProtect for Guests

A summary of SpacetoCo's Space protection measures

When people hire spaces, it has been common practice for the space owner to ask you for a cash bond which they hold in the event of any issues. The bond is usually returned to you after you have finished using the venue.

The problems with a bond process are:

  • it slows down the booking process
  • comes with potential security issues
  • is rarely retained
  • is an all-around hassle for the guest and the hirer. Our early research told us that hirers and guests don't like bonds

So we created SpaceProtect, a simple, cashflow flow for handling bonds related to your booking. 

SpaceProtect Pre-Event

If your Host elects to take up the SpaceProtect Pre-Event option, we will place a temporary payment hold on your card a few days prior to your booking. If there’s no claim, it will be released automatically a few days after your booking. Think of it like a “hotel hold”.

SpaceProtect Post-Event

If your Host elects to take up the SpaceProtect Post-Event option, we'll only process a claim if there is an event after the booking. 

Making a claim

In the event of an issue that results in a SpaceProtect claim made by your space host, here is what happens.

  1. There has been an incident where the space host will be left with an out-of-pocket expense (e.g. key not returned, damaged property, security alarm triggered etc...)
  2. The host will speak with you about the incident and completes a SpacetoCo claim form with evidence as to why there is a claim request.
  3. SpacetoCo considers the claim and will charge your card for the amount being claimed. 

When you make a booking on SpacetoCo and agree to our Terms and Conditions at checkout, you are accepting that you could be charged for a claim that is made by your host. In our experience, most issues are resolved before they result in a claim. If you feel you have been incorrectly charged, please contact us immediately.