Access Control & Automated Pin Codes

How our integration works with bookings & what you need to know to get started

SpacetoCo offers integration with top Access Control Providers (ACPs) to guarantee a seamless experience for customers entering your secure spaces. Our user-friendly interface and automated notifications enable customers to quickly find their unique PIN code and access details for the booked space and time.

What are the key integration features?

SpacetoCo's basic integration services include:

  • Adding new guests to the ACP

  • Setting access times for reserved spaces

  • Revoking access times for cancelled bookings

  • Adjusting access times for updated bookings

  • Regenerating PINs (only space managers/hosts can perform this action)

  • Including PINs in booking confirmation emails

  • Informing guests of PIN changes via email

Every guest will receive a personalized PIN code for all their bookings, regardless of the space they reserve. This PIN code is unique to their specific Host Account/ACP Integration and ensures secure access to the booked space.

What can a Host/Space Manager do regarding PIN codes?

Pin codes are automatically generated. However, the Host can easily re-generate the PIN if needed for the customer. This will provide them with a brand-new code

What about regular customers - will they need a new code each time?

No. Customers receive a unique code that works across all their bookings no matter what space, or how far into the future they have booked. 

Where can customers access their unique PIN information?

Guests can find their PIN in the following locations:

  • At the top of their dashboard

  • Within individual bookings on the dashboard

  • In email notifications when the booking gets approved, or the PIN gets changed.

What access control providers does SpacetoCo currently work with?

SpacetoCo provides the ability for integration into the following:

  • SecCloud

  • Gallagher 

SpacetoCo is open to expanding its integration capabilities with more ACPs, depending on their compatibility.

What needs to be true in order for a new ACP to be set up?

If you want to find out if your Access Control Provider (ACP) is compatible with SpacetoCo, there are a few things you can inquire about:

  • First, check if they support integration with external services. This is important because it determines whether your ACP can work seamlessly with SpacetoCo.
  • Second, see if API documentation is available. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are essential for exchanging and modifying data on the ACP's server. They are necessary for a successful integration between SpacetoCo and your ACP.

If you have this basic information about your ACP, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss the integration further and determine if we can make it work for you.

What happens if there are changes made to access groups inside the ACP?

If the access group number changes, then this needs to be updated within the SpacetoCo dashboard. 

If more areas are added to the access group, without the number changing, then no issues. 

Who has permission to change configuration settings?

At the beginning of the rollout, SpacetoCo retains control over the entire setup to ensure a smooth experience. Once staff members are trained and comfortable, Team Admins have rights to adjust settings when needed. 

System-level setup (linking the SpacetoCo system with the ACP) will always remain as a SpacetoCo-only configuration.