Our Co-mmandments

What it means to work at SpacetoCo

Our staff are guided by the following manifesto for how we work together at SpacetoCo

We place importance on happiness and balance Time for self/family/friends
We love our customers

All hosts/guests and inquiries treated with respect 

Every customer has value in our business 

The customer experience is at the centre of what we do

We trust... ..one another to be a great contributor to SpacetoCo and facilitate trust through our platform
Regular feedback and communication

We believe in asking/giving & receiving feedback 

We regularly check in with each other and provide feedback 

We communicate clearly to each other and everyone


Work smart not hard and prioritise (ask 3 why’s)

Communicate with one another

Create the time to complete tasks

Good things take time (plant-grow-harvest-repeat)

Great Simple Design Clear / Clever / Practical / Easy on the eye
We challenge the status quo

Allow time to experiment 

Mistakes are ok 

We run our own race


Deliver in abundance 

We set the right expectations for our customers

We use the tools of Co-llaboration

We offer help (every task is everyone's task) 

Online tools that enable sharing and co‐working 

We make an effort to understand what implications our work has on others

Our 3 points of WHY
  1. Local area economies 
  2. Sustainability 
  3. Connecting people
We never stop learning

We can learn anything we need to get the job done 

We should always be learning something new


A beautiful brand that lives to serve the needs of humanity and challenge the structural disconnect ‘under the iceberg’

Diversity We value diversity of ideas, people, cultural background & gender
We give back
SpacetoCo gives back because it is a part of the cycle of giving and receiving. We don’t always have money to give, but we give with time and assistance to those who need it whenever practical and possible.

We’re an Environmentally Responsible business

We avoid plastic waste

We enable a paperless workplace

Where possible we use public transport & car pool