How do I access my booking data/reports?

Hosts have access to anytime-reports that provide them with a downloadable spreadsheet of their past and/or future bookings

We expect that from time-to-time you will want to access booking data for your space. The good news is that we make it easy to grab the report you need 24/7. You get access to the following data:

Bookings Download (CSV)

  • Booking ID
  • Booking Name
  • Type (Casual, Regular or Manual) & Status
  • Guest Name
  • Booking Created & Updated timestamps
  • Attendees
  • Space Title
  • Day (Monday, Tuesday, etc)
  • Start/End Date & Time
  • Duration in hours
  • Price & Sales Tax
  • SpaceProtect Charged amount
  • Host Earnings & Host Fee
  • SpaceProtect Fee
  • Currency
  • Pre-Discount Amount
  • Discount Amount and Code used
  • Raw Item/Charge cost
  • # of Items/Charges
  • Guest Phone Number
  • Space Accounting Reference
  • Booking Reason and Cancellation Reason

Booking Monthly Summary (CSV)

All of the columns show each value below on a per month basis:

  • Total Casual Cost p/month
  • Total Verified Cost
  • Total Host Earnings
  • Total SpaceProtect Charges
  • Total SpaceProtect Fee
  • Total Item/Charge cost
  • Total # of Items/Charges
  • Total Casual Booking Count
  • Total Verified Booking Count
  • Total Manual Booking Count
  • Total Booking Count
  • Total New Guests

To access this data, please read the steps below:

Step 1:

Simply navigate to your SpacetoCo Dashboard and Click on Reports. You can also go direct by clicking here:

Step 2:

There are several options available to you to grab the report you need. The example in the screenshot below shows how you might grab the data for all the canceled casual bookings in the financial year.

Step 3:

Once you have set the parameters for your report, click the yellow Generate Report button.

Step 4:

Under Generated Reports, click the CSV file that shows the file with today's date. You can also return at a later date to grab a previously generated report. 

TIP: When downloading your CSV report for the first time, you may encounter a 'blocked pop-up' message or similar from your browser. To get around this, simply allow pop-ups from and nominate where you would like the files to be stored on your computer. We recommend selecting your Downloads folder.