Business Continuity Plan

SpacetoCo maintains a Business Continuity Plan for the protection of it's staff and customers in the event of a disaster or disruptive event.

As a remote-first company, with no formal premises, these plans related to staff work from home locations and when our staff are working onsite with our customers.

Below is an abridged version of our plan. To request full details, please email

Our Staff

Potential vulnerabilities or commitments that might impact staff availability after a disruption:

  • Staff availability may be affected by a natural disaster e.g earthquake, flooding or storm.
  • Staff availability may be affected by a personal situation.
  • Staff availability may be affected by pandemic, illness or caring for sick whanau/family.


All staff members have been provided with WREMO’s Earthquake Planning Guide and we have had a discussion about personal preparedness.

Our organisation has next of kin contacts for each staff member located in their personal file.

Our Service

The SpacetoCo web platform is live and able to process payments.

Essential roles and tasks

Task SkillSet/Qualification Staff with Skillset Alternative Options
Fix any Priority One bugs or outages Front end and back end developer Development team Outsource skilled help

Essential equipment

Task Equipment Alternative Options
Responding to a P1 or critical outage Laptop Source new laptop

Key customers/clients

Customer Main contact
All Local Government Customers Listed on Host Account record in SpacetoCo database



Relocation Options

Option Advantages Disadvantages
Work from home Already set for this as a remote first company  
Work from remote office e.g. Riff Set up for productive working Travel required

Insurance requirements


Insurer/ Broker

Policy Number & Amount 

Professional Indemnity

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited

On request

Management Liability**

AIG Australia Limited

On request

Corporate Liability**

AIG Australia Limited

On request

Employment Practices Liability**

AIG Australia Limited

On request

Statutory Liability**

AIG Australia Limited

On request

Motor Vehicle

Not Applicable

On request

Workers Compensation

Not Applicable

On request

Cyber Security 

SpacetoCo will put this in place within 10 days of acceptance of Tender

On request


AIG Australia Limited

On request

Back Up

Information Type Method Location
Internal company documentation Cloud back up Google docs and Atlassian

Data Security

What backup and data retention assurances does SpacetoCo provide? Does SpacetoCo have offsite backups?

SpacetoCo employs several backup cycles which are run every 6 hours, daily, weekly, and monthly, with respectively increasing retention periods.

SpacetoCo's backup system is managed by Mongo Atlas, as well as implementing its own redundant daily backups that are securely stored in AWS S3 (offsite).

SpacetoCo has ‘point in time’ data recovery which uses the database's operational transaction logs to be able to recover data to the second.

The Business Continuity Plan

  • Is stored on our internal google docs and in confluence
  • Is updated annually or when required
  • Is signed off by the company directors